HSP-1000 Series – High Speed Precision Dispensing System

HSP-1000 Series is an automated high-speed precision fluid dispensing system with a repeatability accuracy of 0.01mm. It can dispense up to 15,000 dots per minute with a dot size of less than 1 nanoliter (minimum dispensing dot size: 0.5mm).

The system is equipped with linear motors and can travel up to 1000 mm/s along the X&Y axes. It is integrated with a rigid cast frame which provides near-static stability during operation.

Features and benefits

  • Using computer control, WINDOWS operating system, fault sound and light alarm, and menu display
  • CCD Vision Positioning System
  • Using servo motor + motion control card
  • Professional motion control and high-quality module structure lay a solid foundation for high-speed and high-precision operation
  • The cast iron chassis and gantry provide a strong guarantee for the stability of operation
  • Can be equipped with a pneumatic injection valve, piezoelectric valve, screw valve, etc
  • Automatic constant temperature system of the valve body to ensure consistent fluidity of paint
  • Directly import any brand of placement machine files or online visual programming
  • Optional laser height detection system, the Z-axis height can be automatically calibrated after the workpiece is deformed
  • Optional workpiece heating system to enhance the fluidity of the paint during underfilling


  • Thermal adhesive
  • Component packaging
  • Red glue
  • SMT underfill
  • Solder paste
  • Wafer fixing


Properties HSP250 HSP300 HSP450
Dimension L 700 x W 1000 x H 1600 L 750 x W 1200 x H 1600 L 850 x W 1350 x H 1600
Net weight 500kg 700kg 800kg
Control IPC + Motion Control Card
Software GLUDITEC software + Windows
Program SMT file or online vision programming
Number of spindles X Y Z    
Spindle drive Servo motor X Y servo motor Z
Distance Range X:250mm Y: 250 Z: 50mm X:300mm Y: 300 Z: 50mm X:450mm Y: 450 Z: 50mm
Valve quantity 1 pcs(Standard)
Maximum Speed 1000mm/s
Repeatability accuracy ±0.01mm
Paint volume 300 cc
Paint detect Auto detection
Interface SMEMA
Direction left→right (Standard)/ right→left (Option)
Valve cleaning device Vacuum cleaning
Alarm Menu + sound and light alarm
Conveyor Belt conveyor
Conveyor Motor Stepper motor
Conveyor speed 2-5m/min
Delivery modulate 50-250mm 50-350mm 50-450mm
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz
Air pressure ≥0.65Mpa
Safety standard CE
Total power 2.5kW
Standard function CCD visual positioning
Electrostatic interface
232 interface
Jacking device


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