Horizontal Semi-automated Two-part Dispensing System SAH-300

SAH-300 is one of the typical two-part mixing and filling machines with a material flexible pipe connecting from container to dispensing valve. This design helps users flexibly move the dispensing valve to specimen position and fix it to reduce the manual error.

Besides the typical advantages of Gluditec Standalone Series, the flexible horizontal design of SAH-300 make it ideal in many applications and industries. Optimizing the cost and provide high-qualified performance.

Features and benefits

  • “Mobile” material container
  • Easily integrated into the mass production line
  • Variable mixing rate: from 1:1 to 1:10
  • Time and cost efficiency


Mixing Ratio
1:1 ~ 10:1 (Optional)
Mixing Accuracy
Material-out Speed
0.5g/s ~ 15g/s
Viscosity @25°C
300 ~ 50,000 cPs
User Interface
Touch screen
Cleaning Method
Tank Material (A&B)
Stainless Steel
Liquid Level Sensor
AB tank constant heating temperature
AB pipe constant heating temperature
1650 x 750 x 1900 mm

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