High Viscosity Two-part Mixing and Dispensing System GLT DP2000 from Drum

GLT DP2000 is designed to mix, feed, and dispense two-component materials which have not only high-viscosity but also abrasive component as metal filter (thermal compound). Instead of a pneumatic pump, our electric motor integrated one can transport materials more effectively with higher precision level. The DP2000 System features 2 different modules, which benefits the user’s maintaining process and repairing activities if necessary: Feeding modules with auto air vent – air bubble are automatically removed without additional vacuum chamber. Dispensing module which is customizable to meet the specific requirements. Expanding working space or adding output tools are possible without decreasing the output quality.

Features and benefits

  • User-friendly interface and process
  • Continuous feeding via a long-life electric motor driving pump
  • Modular design for easier maintenance and repairing process
  • Customizable working space


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