GV-698 Fine Atomizing Valve

Features and advantages: The small area fine atomization valve belongs to the liquid and gas mixed spray valve, which uses two-way pneumatic opening and closing valves to precisely control the coating amount, internal diversion and diversion structure, and special fluid sealing structure, reducing the frequency of seal ring replacement, and has the characteristics of long service life and fast maintenance. It is the preferred valve for surface coated small areas.

Features and benefits

  • Application scope: Suitable for spraying various liquid fluids, such as acrylic acid, silicon, UV adhesive, and other surface coating materials.
  • Applicable viscosity range: 50-3000cps.
  • Spraying thickness: The thickness of solvent-based coatings or UV conformal coatings can range from 5 to 200um.
  • Usage cycle: It is related to factors such as compressed air. It is recommended to inspect the internal consumables within 90 working days. In addition, a matching diluent should be used for pipeline cleaning after each use.


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