GV-692 Large flow atomization valve

Features and advantages: It is an atomization coating valve used for low viscosity solvent-based materials, which is coated in a circular atomization form and is suitable for various liquids, such as conformal coating paint, UV glue, adhesives, solvents/volatile materials, and other surface coating materials.

Features and benefits

  • Sprayed products have no splashes and neat and perfect edges, widely used in the electronic packaging industry, lighting industry, automotive industry, packaging industry, medical industry, and energy industry
  • Application scope: All three proof paints are applicable. Applicable viscosity range: 50-1500cps.
  • Spray width: 5-18mm.
  • Usage cycle: It is related to factors such as compressed air.
  • It is recommended to check the internal consumables within 60 working days.
  • In addition, a matching diluent should be used for pipeline cleaning after each use.


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