GV-602 Atomize Coating Valve

The GV-602 is a compact spray valve that offers three different modes of operation: linear, monofilament, and atomized. It is perfect for tasks that need precise spotting, wide patterning, or film construction.

Features and benefits

  • The innovative atomization head design allows for precise spraying on intricate circuit boards, ideal for coating precision components with enhanced edge clarity and an adjustable spraying width of 3-10mm.
  • Suitable for a variety of applications including three-proof paint, UV adhesive, ink, lubricating oil, catalysts, solvents, and protective agents.


  • Viscosity range: 50~1500cps
  • Recommended spraying speed is around 500mm/s depending on the specific application requirements
  • Usage duration is influenced by factors like compressed air
  • It is advisable to check internal parts every 90 working days
  • Additionally, use a compatible solvent for cleaning the pipeline after each use

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