GV-503 Single liquid Dispensing Valve

Features and advantages: H-NO2 single liquid dispensing valve is a type of dispensing valve that uses the intake air to push the glue inside the valve body, allowing the glue to flow evenly from the valve body to the dispensing port. The internal flow rate is low, the volume remains unchanged, and the glue output is uniform and stable. It has a glue calibration function and a suction function to prevent glue dripping and wire drawing.

Features and benefits

  • Application scope: Single-component liquids such as adhesives, paints, alcohol, white latex, lubricants, inks, etc.
  • Applicable viscosity range: 1-100000 cps. Spraying speed: < 300/min.
  • Usage cycle: It is related to factors such as compressed air.
  • It is recommended to check the internal consumables within 60 working days. In addition, a matching diluent should be used for pipeline cleaning after each use.


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