GV-501S Micro Dispensing Valve

Features and advantages: It is very suitable for micro precision dispensing, with a dispensing boundary of 0.5- 1mm, zero residual glue, no drip closure, and a needle size of 22-33. Unlike GV-501, it is equipped with an electromagnetic valve for faster dispensing speed and higher accuracy.

Features and benefits

  • Applicable viscosity range: 50-2500 CPS. Spraying speed: subject to actual application, it is recommended to use v=100mm/s (based on adhesive viscosity)
  • Application scope: epoxy resin, lubricating oil, marking ink, solvent, UV adhesive and UV curing adhesive, adhesive.
  • Usage cycle: It is related to factors such as compressed air. It is recommended to inspect the internal consumables within 90 working days. In addition, a matching diluent should be used for pipeline cleaning after each use.


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