GV-480 High-pressure Dispensing Valve

GV-480 is a high-pressure dispensing valve designed to dispense high-viscosity fluids such as silicones, RTVs, sealants, pastes, and greases. GV-480 high-pressure valve provides a snap-release shut-off after dispensing, creating a such-back effect that prevents any dripping.

Operating Video

Constructed from premium quality stainless steel, the GV-480 is built to withstand rigorous use and ensure long-lasting performance. Its innovative design not only prevents clogs but also promotes smooth flow for a seamless dispensing experience. Whether you’re working with adhesives, sealants, or lubricants, this valve’s exceptional precision will revolutionize your production process by significantly reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Features and benefits

  • Adjustable back suction, clean broken glue
  • Head and tail glue volume is controllable
  • All stainless steel structure, strong and durable
  • Dual air path design, quick break
  • Simple Maintenance