GSP-260 -2600ml Bottle Progressive Cavity Pump

The GSP-260 supply system uses the pressure from the cylinder and the self-suction of the pressure pump to push the 2600CC packaging rubber drum. This creates a constant pressure, maintaining the material flow rate. When combined with the precise time control of the on-off valve, it ensures both the dispensing volume and speed. This system is suitable for Silicone, Epoxy Resins, Greases, Thermally Conductive Gels, Thermally Conductive Silicones, Sausage Gels, and various medium to high-viscosity fluids.

Features and benefits

  • Uses a 2600ml silicone sleeve packaging method for quantitative dispensing.
  • Suitable for high-viscosity glues, ranging from 10,000 to 1,000,000.
  • Considering the high viscosity of silica gel, mechanical extrusion is used for dispensing. This makes the glue output more accurate and eliminates gas residue in the silica gel, a common issue with pneumatic pressure conveying methods.
  • The system’s compact design and easy operation, combined with an external precision dispensing valve, enhance precision dispensing and greatly improve production capacity and dispensing quality.
  • The pump head is equipped with a low-level glue alarm switch.


Properties GSP-260
External dimensions L395 x W210 x H770 mm
Power 12W
Air Input 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa
Cylinder thrust 500kg (at air pressure 0.5Mpa)
Track length 1500mm, customizable
Pumping method Cylinder push + pressure pump self-priming
Glue packaging 2600CC package
Sealant material PEEK/TEFLON/ Special rubber
Structural part material Aluminum alloy anode/stainless steel
Applicable material viscosity < 1,000,000 cps
Hardness of applicable material <60HRC
Control mode MCU control
Monitoring method Closed-loop control of pressure sensors
Alarm alert Lack of material alarm, abnormal pressure alarm

Technical Documents

GSP-260 Technical Data Sheet

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