GSP-135 Small Size Can Progressive Cavity Pump

The GSP-135 Small Size Can Progressive Cavity Pump supply system dispenses 1KG, 3KG, 5KG packaging drums using cylinder pressure and self-suction from a pressure pump. It maintains a constant material flow rate, and precise time control of the on-off valve ensures the dispensing amount and speed.

Suitable for: Silicone; Epoxy resin; Grease; Thermally conductive gel; Thermally conductive silicone; Thermal paste; and Various medium to high viscosity fluids

Features and benefits

  • The system can directly dispense with 1kg, 3kg, and 5kg liquid iron drums and plastic drums paste packaging, effectively minimizing waste from replacing liquid containers.
  • The container’s sealing ring has been rigorously tested, significantly reducing residue from high-viscosity liquid.
  • Depending on the liquid’s viscosity, pressure pumps with different booster ratios can be selected.
  • It’s suitable for dispensing liquid materials with a viscosity of 10000~1000000cps.
  • The pump features a compact design and is easy to operate, making it suitable for various work environments. It also includes a low-level glue switch.
  • The pressure plate can be customized according to the barrel’s diameter, accommodating both straight-through and cone barrels.


Properties GSP-135
External dimensions L503 x W220 x H563 mm
Power 400W
Air Input 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa
Cylinder thrust 50kg (at air pressure 0.5Mpa)
Track length 1500mm, customizable
Pumping method Cylinder push + pressure pump self-priming
Glue packaging 1KG, 3KG, 5KG packing
Sealant material PEEK/TEFLON/ Special rubber
Structural part material Aluminum alloy anode/stainless steel
Applicable material viscosity 10,000 ~ 1,000,000 cps
Hardness of applicable material <60HRC
Control mode MCU control
Monitoring method Closed-loop control of pressure sensors
Alarm alert Lack of material alarm, abnormal pressure alarm

Technical Documents

GSP-135 Technical Data Sheet

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