GSCP-200 Single part fluids feed systems

GSCP-200 is GLUDITEC single-part fluids feeding pump that is designed to pump up fluids from a 20L (5 gals) Drum or Bulk. The main purpose of GSCP-200 is to efficiently meter and pump diverse fluids, encompassing both low-viscosity options like UV or oil and high-viscosity alternatives such as silicone, epoxy, polyurethane, and thermally conductive materials containing abrasive filler. By utilizing the pressure plate seal, users can effortlessly apply and modify the glue container. The stator rotor is driven by a servo motor to guarantee accurate metering, effectively resolving problems like broken glue caused by unstable pneumatic piston pump pulse and air pressure, as well as inconsistent quantities of glue and uneven application lines.

Features and benefits

  • Enhancing the efficiency of dispensing process ROI by effectively addressing a broad range of glue viscosities.
  • Adjusting the motor speed allows for effortless operation and enables manufacturers to vary the amount of glue as desired in different projects/ applications.
  • The servo screw approach ensures precise and consistent measurements even during continuous glue application without any pulse fluctuations.
  • It can be applied to a wide range of dispensing processes such as bonding, fixation, potting, bottom filling, plane sealing, or double liquid dispensing.


Model GSCP-200
Fluid Viscosity 1,000 ~ 1,000,000 cps
Driving motor Screw motor
Maximum fluid quanlity 5ml/sec
Minimum fluid quantity 0.005ml/sec
Accuracy ≤±2%
Low-level Fluid Alarm Magnetic Sensor
Low-level Alarm Port 3.4 port
Drive signal plug 4 core navigation
Drive communication port Switching signal 1.2 port
Controlling Method Touch Screen + Physical Button
Input pressure 0.2 ~ 0.6 MPa
Maximum pressure 80kgf
Fluid outlet size 3/8
Following plate size Customizable
Rotor part material Stainless Steel SUS303
Stator part material Synthetic rubber
Equipment construction material Aluminum & Stainless Steel SUS303
Weight 90kg
Dimension L910 mm x W380mm x H970mm (H1370mm – after cylinder rose)

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