GPR-500 – PUR Hotmelt Bulk Melter

The GPR500 – PUR Hotmelt Bulk Melter 5-gallon Pur glue machine is a multi-purpose equipment utilized in a wide range of industries. It caters to the needs of home appliances, electronics, woodworking covering and lamination, textile fabric lamination, PET transparent box manufacturing, automotive interior parts production, car lights assembly, bookbinding processes as well as glue production requirements. Moreover, it serves as an essential tool in the printing and packaging sectors along with garment making and product assembly for industries like shoe manufacturing, electronics production, and furniture making.

Features and benefits

  • The machine design incorporates both mechanical and electrical control systems to create a comprehensive system. With its thoughtfully planned structure, the machine ensures easy operation and maintenance. Moreover, it offers increased internal space that allows for optimal heat dissipation within the electronic control box. As a result, this design significantly reduces damage to electronic components and minimizes power losses.
  • The gear pump and motor are connected by a universal joint, which serves to maintain equal angles at both ends of the transmission shaft. This guarantees that the melter remains stable during high-speed operation by ensuring that the instantaneous angular speeds of the output and input shafts are always equal.
  • The pressure plate utilizes aluminum alloy and is meticulously processed with precision machining technology. Its surface undergoes deep penetration sintering treatment with DuPont Teflon, providing a high-strength coating that effectively prevents detachment and minimizes carbonization of the hot melt adhesive.
  • To ensure the safety of both equipment and personnel, the main machines employ high-precision return valves with a sensitivity level of 1 bar. These valves are further enhanced with a locking mechanism, effectively preventing any damage that may arise from operational errors. Moreover, the comprehensive filter design of the entire machine incorporates multiple layers of heavy filtration, effectively averting any potential blockages caused by expired glue. Lastly, the pressure plate is fortified with PUR glue to provide over-pressure protection, thereby guaranteeing a stable and dependable performance of the system.


Barrel diameter
280mm (286mm) ~ 5gal
Max. glue supply
Output pipeline
1 ~ 2 ways
Max. working pressure
10 MPa
Operating temperature range
10 ~ 232℃
Ambient temperature range
0 ~ 50℃
Temperature control accuracy
Temperature sensor
K type, Pt100, Ni120 (optional)
Voltage Standard
AC220V/ 380V
Max. heating power
Input air pressure
0.3 ~ 0.8 Mpa
Connect signal
2 inputs, 2 outputs
Overall dimensions (mm)
L1100 x W600 x H1200

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