GPR-200 – 2L PUR Hotmelt Bulk Unloader

The GPR-200 revolutionizes hotmelt unloading with its innovative 2L container system and high-precision gear pump technology. This exceptional PUR glue machine comprises three integral parts: the main machine, the throat, and the manual automatic dispensing gun. Notably, it offers various functionalities such as temperature limit alarms for both upper and lower thresholds, along with frequency conversion abnormality alarms to ensure optimal performance. Moreover, the GPR-200 stands out for its remarkable compatibility with virtually all types of hot melt substances.

Applying Industries

PVC packaging industry, woodworking furniture edge sealing and compounding, automotive industry interior sealing, car lamp manufacturing, windshield assembly, Car door manufacturing, non-woven industry diapers, adult incontinence products, sanitary napkins, and other disposable products, coating composite industry (trademark paper, label double-sided tape, medical breathable tape, clothing and clothing composite), product assembly industry (home appliances, wires and cables).


Power supply
AC220V 50Hz
Number of standard rubber outlets
1 ~ 3
Consumption Power
10.5W (excluding the barrel)
Glue supply method
Gear pump (Metering pump)
Control mode (optional)
PID digital temperature control table / PLC
Melting tank capacity
Heating Cao Sol Speed
Plastic barrel capacity (optional)
Gluing speed
0.2-10 g/sec
Motor control mode | (optional)
governor/ inverter speed control
Maximum operating temperature
Dimension (LxWxH)
600 x 350 x 480 mm
Total Weight


  • Progressive heating & melting: The glue’s heating component is positioned beneath it. Upon heating the melting tank, the bottom layer of the adhesive makes contact with the heat source, causing it to attain its melting point and transform into a liquid state. Simultaneously, no heat is applied to the upper portion of the adhesive container during this stage, which is necessary for production requirements. Consequently, determining an optimal quantity for melting becomes imperative in preventing long-term heat-induced aging and deterioration of the adhesive material.
  • The fluid can be isolated from the air when melting: The use conditions of PUR are guaranteed by a protective O-ring seal that separates the heating cylinder from the cylinder head, preventing any exposure of the melted liquid glue to air.
  • Teflon protective layer: The fluid tank is equipped with a Teflon coating on its outer surface, allowing for effortless removal of the adhesive. This not only prevents carbonization and ensures superior glue performance but also minimizes any potential clogs in the delivery system.
  • Adjustable fluid output: Accurate control of the glue volume output is achieved by utilizing a precision gear metering pump, implementing frequency conversion speed regulation, and ensuring stable motor operation.
  • Intelligent protection is adopted for motor operation: A forced fan is incorporated into the motor to facilitate heat dissipation. If the glue tank temperature doesn’t meet the set threshold, it prevents the motor from operating and ensures greater protection for its equipment.
  • Insufficient glue amount monitoring: The prevention of alarms triggered by insufficient or excessive amounts of glue is ensured by a lone electronic sensor that constantly monitors the quantity of glue present in the glue tank.
GRP-200 Tank Cover
GRP-200 Alarming Function
GRP-200 Control Panel

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