GPC-1000 – Pail Pump with PCP Pump for higher Precision System

For high productivity, manufacturers tend to use the larger package size of materials (TIMs, sealant, potting), especially the 20L to 200L drums. However, how to handle these high viscosity and sensitive materials create various challenges for production line.

Understanding this situation, GLUDITEC provides total solution for high viscosity and large volume packaged specialty liquids. GPC-1000 System which consists of Pail Pump (high-pressure bulk unloader) and high-precision Progress Cavity Pump, is ideal to metering pump up and dispensing TIMs (thermal interface materias), sealant, potting and structural adhesive.

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Bulk Size
20kg (customizable)
Air Pressure
0.4~0.5MPa (Humidity 5% less than, Air Filter 5µ less than)
1 ~ 500,000 (cps)
Dosing Volume/Rev
0.015ml ~ 1.5ml
Dosing Accuracy
± 1%
Dispensing Speed
1.8 ml/min ~ 225 ml/min
Working Area (X/Y/Z)
500 x 500 x 100 mm
Maximum Speed XY / Z (mm/sec)
0.1 ~ 600 / 300
+/- 0.01 mm / Axis
Vision Intergrated
Power Supply
100 ~ 230 VAC , 320 W

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