GOC-400T – Triaxial Conformal Coating System

GOC-400T three-axis selective surface coating equipment is a high performance coating system, suitable for multi-industry coating applications with a variety of valve configurations. It can automatically match different valves for coating according to different process requirements. It can meet multi-paneling requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Adopt computer + motion controller, WINDOWS operating system, fault sound and light alarm and menu display
  • The programming adopts manual teaching and can operate easily
  • Integral steel motion platform for smooth operation
  •  X, Y, Z, axis motion is driven by servo motor + ball screw , and running accuracy is 0.02mm
  • With sliding rail + ball screw width adjustment mechanism to ensure that the conveying rails are parallel to each other, and auto point control which is easily adjust.
  •  The transmission chain is driven by double stepper motors and has a chain guard structure.
  • Special aluminum alloy track and stainless steel conveyor chain
  • The coating valve can be selected according to the requirements, and one machine can be equipped with 1 to 4 valves, which can be switched arbitrarily according to the production needs;
  • The valve with automatic cleaning function;
  • It has the function of automatic reset and calibration during operation to ensure the operation accuracy;
  • Equipped with paint container, using constant current and constant pressure output to ensure uniform flow;
  • Optional metering pump feeding method ensures paint delivery, and the flow rate is 100% accurate
  • Equipped with exhaust vents
  • Equipped with SMEMA interface
  • Communicate with other devices through the network port
  • The MES system can be established according to the requirements (optional)


Properties Value Properties Value
Model GOC-400T Transfer speed 0 – 13 m/min
Dimension (W x L x H) 1000 x 1200 x 1700 mm Conveyor track Special Al alloy rack + stainless steel chain
Weight 500kg AM mode Electric AM + Ball srew
Control method IPC + Sports card AM speed 250mm/min
Software GLUDITEC x Windows systems PCB edge space 5mm
Programming Method Teaching/ Computer Communication port SMEMA connector
Number of spindles X, Y, Z Single coating width 2 – 30 mm
Spindle drive Servo motor + ball screw Equipment air pressure 0.5 Mpa
Coating Area (X, Y) 460 x 460 mm Exhaust air requirements More than 15 m³/min
Max. Speed 800 mm/sec Input voltage AC220V 50 ~ 60 Hz
Component max. height Conveying surface 90mn, bottom 50mm Total power 2.2kW
Repeatability 0.02mm Standard features LED UV detection light
Number of tracks 1 LED lighting
Working direction Left to right (Standard)

Right to Left (option)

Waste liquid recovery
Conveying height 900±20 mm Electrostatic interface


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