GM P3000 – Low Pressure Molding Machine with Manual Sliding Table

GM P3000 molding station is designed for low-pressure injecting in a variety of applications, especially for smaller to medium-sized specimens. The compact and robust construction allows the manufacturing process operates continuously and precisely. GM P3000 has three construction concepts. The complete system consists of one mold on top and two identical sub-mold. The gate consists of one or two injection valves positioned horizontally. Molding platform P3000 with its unique flexibility is the ideal solution for both small systems with tank units via extruder-feed and inline solutions for mass production.

Features and benefits

  • Modular Structure - Easy to customize and maintain
  • Double injecting valves and triple mold to increase productivity
  • Be able to customize as per specific users' requirement
  • Vertical/ Horizontal single and multi-point gate are integrated into one system
  • Labor-cost saving: one operator needed
  • Possible to integrate into the inline system for mass production


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