Gluditec Dual Liquid Screw Pump

The structure is combined with a rotor and the stator. The liquid in the closed space is transported forward by the rotor rotation. When the rotor rotates continuously in the stator cavity, it moves smoothly and uniformly from the suction end of the pump to the discharge end due to the action of pressure, thus completing the stable delivery of the liquid medium.

Features and benefits

  • Output flow constantly, smoothly, pulsation-free and low shear
  • Accurate measurement, flow error <1%, repeatability >99%
  • The ratio can be adjusted from 1:1 to 10:1
  • Applicable to various ultra-micro flow occasions, the minimum trace amount can reach 0.001ml
  • Suitable for all kinds of high viscosity, high solid granular fluids, the highest viscosity can reach 8,000,000cps
  • The output flow is proportional to the rotational speed, and is not affected by changes in external conditions
  • Through the opening and closing valve, the phenomenon of liquid dripping and wire drawing is perfectly avoided
  • Simple structure, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, easy to assemble


Item GDP-015 GDP-050 GDP-150 GDP-500 GDP-1500 GDP-2000
Dimension 30x60xL275 30x60L290 30x60xL300 45x90xL300 45x90xL550 60x120xL720
Weight 1000g 1050g 1100g 1100g 5,2kg 7,5kg
Viscosity (cps) 0-500,000 0-500,000 0-500,000 0-500,000 0-500,000 0-500,000
Volume per rotation 0,015ml 0,05ml 0,15ml 0,50ml 1,5ml 2,0ml
Max. glue speed (ml/min) 1,8ml 6,0ml 20ml 60ml 225ml 300ml
Max. input pressure 0-6kgf/cm²
Max. output pressure 20kgf/cm²
Speed (rpm) 1-120rpm 0-150rpm
Precision control 1%
Stator material Ceramics
Contact glue material SUS/PE/FKM
Ambient temperature 0-40℃

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