GLT – S93 – Silicone Rubber

Two-component silicone, platinum-curing, flowable, vulcanizes at room temperature. Can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -65°C – 200°C and keep its soft and elastic propertiessili

Features and benefits

• High transparency
• Low viscosity
• Food grade, FDA certificate
• Better anti-corrosion
• Better weather aging resistance
• Better insulation
• Fire proof, flame retardant
• Waterproof, moisture proof
• Anti-fouling
• Quake-proof/ withstand vibration
• Thermal conductive
• Ozone resistance
• Low shrinkage
• Can be operated in all kinds of harsh environments (Moisture, salt fog, dust, vibration, heat, deep sea, cold, etc.).



Properties Index Test Report
Appearance Transparent fluid
Viscosity(cps) 700±200
Operating Operating Mixing Ratio
(By weight)
1 :1
Operating Time (25°C /min) 30~60
Curing time (hr, basically cured) 6
Curing time (hr, perfectly cured) 12
Hardness (shore A) 20±3
Thermal conductivity [W(m·K)] ≥0.2
Dielectric strength(kV/mm) ≥25
Dielectric permittivity(1.2MHz) 3.0~3.3
Volume resistivity(Ω·cm) ≥1.0×10^16
Fire resistance UL94-V0
Density (g/cm) 1.08
Refractive index 97%
Liner Conductivity [m/ (m·K)] ≤2.2×10 -4

Technical Documents

TDS - GLT - S93

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