GLT HCQ-21 – Vacuum Chamber Platform

The GLT HCQ-21 vacuum chamber is an invaluable tool for uncontrolled suction processes. It finds application in various research and production services such as eliminating air bubbles, testing for leaks, evaluating pressure applications, analyzing semiconductor failures, removing gases, drying substances, distilling materials, testing permeability under different temperatures, applying coatings, determining specific gravity, simulating atmospheric conditions, and storing inert gases.

The GLT HCQ-21 is constructed using transparent acrylic, which enables a wide-angle observation of the chamber’s side and the specimens during operation.

HCQ-21 System Introduction & Operating Instruction

Features and benefits

  • Economical solutions
  • Can withstand a maximum vacuum of -76 cmHg
  • Made with clear acrylic
  • Oil vacuum pump with a rotary vane
  • The vacuum chamber is set up on top of the system
  • Optimizing vacuum process
  • Provide flexibility with 4 movable wheels which are lockable when needed


Vacuum chamber enclosure material
Transparent Acrylic Plastic
Vacuum chamber door material
Transparent Acrylic Plastic
Chamber Type
Top-door Chamber
Inner Dimension
300 x 300 x 100 mm
Pump Type
Oil vacuum pump with a rotary vane
Pump Ultimate Vacuum
-76 cmHg
Timer range
6s/60s/6min/60min/6 hour
Power Source
AC 220V/50-60Hz
Pump Power
0.75 kW
System Weight
30 kg
Control Method
Manual/ Automatic
Working Temperature
0 ~ 40 °C

Technical Documents

Technical Data Sheet - HCQ-21

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