GLT DPS-350 – Vision Integrated Dual Platform Robot

GLT DPS-350 Dual Platform Robot is a specially designed module with integrated vision system to provide the ultimate high-precision and high-speed production line.

GLT DPS-350 is identical to existing dispensing robot, except that it has two independent working platform on the Y-axis. This special design will help manufacturers increase their throughput by eliminating the waiting time between cycles.

Additionally, GLT DPS-350 is a vision-guided automated dispensing system which are essential for applications that require extremely accurate, repeatable, or guaranteed fluid deposit placement and/or complex dispensing pattern.

Features and benefits

  • Dual platform to increase production efficiency
  • Templating matching, edge recognition and other visual recognition methods, which can offset the dispensing tips according to products’ different shapes, colors and materials.
  • Automatic calibration and visual programming (True 3D), suspended graphic track preview
  • Stainless Steel Clear Case: to meet the requirement of 100-level dust-free production
  • Professional motion control and high-quality module structure provide a high-speed and high precision operation


Dimension (L x W x H mm)
900 x 1000 x 1550
Net weight
175 kg
Control Method
IPC + Motion Control Card
GLUDITEC Software + Windows
Number of spindle
3 Axis: X, Y, Z
Spindle drive
X, Y: Linear Electric Motor; Z: Servo
Working Area X/Y/Z
300 x 300 x 50 mm
Valve Quantity
2 pcs
Maximum Speed X/Y/Z
X/Y: 800 mm/s, Z: 300 mm/s
Vision System
1:3 megapixel industrial camera
Resolution (mm/pixel)
0.01 x 0.01 (adjustable)
Recognition Range (mm)
14 x 14 (depending on type of lens)
Light source
LED light source (ring light/ coaxial light option)
0.01 mm
Paint Volume
30cc (Standard); 50cc/ 300cc (Optional)
Power Supply
220V 50/60 Hz
Air Pressure
20.65 Mpa
Total Power

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