GLT-983 – Addition-Type Two Components Silicone Potting Sealant

Features and benefits

• High transmittance
• High purity
• Excellent moisture resistance
• Good adhesion
• Addition Reaction (Two Components)
• The hydrosilylation process of platinum catalyzed
• High optical transparency and good anti-foaming
• High dimensional stability, soft and bright after curing
• Suitable for potting protection of high-power electronic components.
• Good protection function for electronic components (such as
waterproof, moisture-proof, shock proof, anti extrusion, anti-aging and
other protection functions)
• Cured at room temperature or medium temperature (100°C),no any
by-product released during the curing .



Appearance Transparent liquid
Viscosity for A component 25°C (mPa.s) 550-700
Viscosity for B component 25°C (mPa.s) 300-500
Mixed viscosity 25°C (mPa.s) 400-600
Mixed refractive index (ND25) 1.41
Surface drying time 25°C (min) 60-90
Two component mixing ratio 1:1
Dielectric constant ≤ 4.0
Volume resistivity 1×10^14
Hardness (Shore A) 23±3
Thermal Conductivity (W/mk) >0.2
Flame Retardant UL-94

Technical Documents

TDS - GLT - 983

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