GLT – 318 – Two Component Waterproof Organic Silicone Potting Sealant

GLT – 318 is a transparent condensation type room temperature deeply cured two-component silicone potting sealant. No need any primer coating before potting. Has good adhesion with most of materials, suitable for fixing and bonding the electronic accessories. It will play a role in protecting the accessories from water, dust and leak.

Features and benefits

1. It is used for fixing and insulating the electronic accessories or PCB.
2. It will play a role in protecting the accessories or PCB from water,
dust and leak.


Performance Index Standard GLT – 318
Uncured Appearance Visual Inspection Clear liquid(A)
Clear liquid(B)
Viscosity for A(cps,25°C) GB/T 2794-1995 1000~1300
Viscosity for B(cps,25°C) GB/T 2794-1995 5 – 10
Two Components Mixing Ratio
(weight ratio)
Test at Operating System A :B = 10 :1
Relative Density(g/cm 3) GB/T 533-2008 0.98~1.02
Mixed viscosity(cps) GB/T 2794-1995 600~800
Operable Time (min,25°C) Test at Operating Environment 30 – 45
Surface Drying Time (min,25°C) GB/T 13477.5-2002 35 – 65
Full cure time (h,25°C) Test at Operating Environment 24
Cured Hardness (shore A) GB/T 531.1-2008 10 – 2
Dielectric Strength (kV/•mm) GB/T 1695-2005 ≥20
Dielectric Constant (1.2MHz GB/T 1693-2007 3.0
Volume Resistively (Ω·cm) GB/T 1692-2008 1×10^14
Operating temperature range (°C) Test at Operating Environment – 50~200
Elongation at Break (%) GB/T 528-2009 120
Tensile Strength (MPa) GB/T 528-2009 0.2

Technical Documents

TDS - GLT - 318

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