GIS-4000 Vision integrated Inline Dispensing Robot

The Gluditec GIS-4000 Inline Dispensing Robot stands at the forefront of automated dispensing technology, combining high-speed functionality, precision engineering, and visionary integration to redefine your production processes. This technical marvel is designed for seamless integration into your production line, delivering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in dispensing applications. Let’s delve into the technical specifications that make GIS-4000 an exceptional choice for industries demanding cutting-edge dispensing solutions.

Features and benefits

  • Using computer control, WINDOWS operating system, fault sound and light alarm and menu display
  • Visual programming, simple and fast operation
  • X, Y, Z three-axis movement, optional rotation axis (screw valve, injection valve does not need to rotate)
  • High-performance servo motor + ball screw drive
  • The operating accuracy reaches ±02mm, and the error can be automatically corrected
  • Integral steel motion plane for smoother running programming
  • Automatic track width adjustment
  • High speed injection valve (200p/s) or screw valve (5p/s)
  • Rubber valve automatic cleaning device, spray valve vacuum automatic cleaning


External dimension L920mm*W1340mm*H1480mm
Weight 1000kg
Controls Industrial computer + motion control card
Maximum height of assembly 50mm
Programming mode Online visual programming
CCD visual positioning Automatic calibration of operating accuracy
X, Y, Z axis drive Servo motor + precision screw
Maximum moving speed 1000mm/s
repeatability ±0.01mm
Coating stroke X=350mm  Y=400mm   Z=50mm
Number of rubber valves 1 piezoelectric injection valve H-Y01 (nozzle firing pin can be customized)
Coating capacity 30CC/50CC
Input pressure alarm Menu + Audible and visual alarm
Power source 220V  50~60HZ
Atmospheric pressure 6.2kgf/cm²
Gross power 3kW
Communication interface SMEMA
Stepper motor delivery 2-5m/min
Automatic amplitude modulation monorail: 50~400mm

Technical Documents

GIS-4000 Technical Data Sheet

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