GDP-6200 Dual Progressive Cavity Pump

GDP-6200 Progressive Cavity Pump is designed to dispense an exact, repeatable volume of material as small as 0.4 mL per revolution for applications that require extremely consistent process control. Its modular design is based on the progressive cavity principle where its core components – a rotor and stator – form a perfectly sealed metering chamber.

Features and benefits

  • Output flow constantly, smoothly, pulsation-free, and low shear
  • Accurate measurement: flow error < 1%, repeatability > 99%
  • Especially suitable for various ultra-micro flow applications, the minimum amount can reach 0.001 ml
  • Suitable for all kinds of high viscosity, high solid granular fluids, the highest viscosity can reach 500,000 cps
  • The output flow is proportional to the rotational speed and is not affected by changes in external conditions such as medium viscosity, pressure, and temperature
  • The forward and reverse rotation can be adjusted freely, which perfectly avoids liquid dripping, drawing, and other phenomena
  • Simple structure, easy to disassembly, easy to clean, easy to assembly


44.3 x 44.3 x L280 mm
0 ~ 500,000 cps
Fluid Volume per rotation
0.4 mL
Max. Dispensing Speed
48 ml/min
Max. input pressure
0 ~ 6 kgf/cm²
Max. output pressure
20 kgf/cm²
Speed (rpm)
1 ~ 120 rpm
Precision control
Stator material
Wetting part
Ambient Temp.
0 ~ 40ºC

Technical Documents

GSP-6200 Technical Data Sheet

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