GCJ-816 – Jetting Valve Controller

The GCJ-816 Jetting valve controller utilizes a high sensitive air pressure and dual temperature control system design. It features an intelligent touch screen operation and incorporates imported key components. This ensures stable, precise, and repeatable control over the operation of the jet dispensing valve.

Features and benefits

  • Dual temperature control
  • Brand configuration
  • High precision
  • Innovative program software
  • Wide application
  • Brand gas path components
  • Stable and reliable
  • Suitable for air pressure of a variety of jet valves, point hot-melt adhesive is preferred.


Working voltage
Max. range of pressure
500W x 2
Input air pressure range
0.6 ~ 0.8 MPa (90 psi)
Output air pressure range
0 ~ 0.4 MPa (50 psi)
Usage temperature range
20 ~ 50ºC
Control mode
Low level of external switch signal
Control accuracy
0.1ms (min)
Temperature control output mode
PID regulator, SSR Output
Heating output external connection
Four core aviation connector
External output of solenoid valve
Two core aviation connector
Communication port
320 x 250 x 115 mm

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