GC-880 – Barrel Heat Controller Integrated Dispenser

The GC-880 Temperature Control integrated Dispenser effectively regulates the syringe’s temperature, allowing the fluid to quickly reach the desired temperature and ensuring a consistent dispensing process.

Experience precise temperature control like never before with the GC-880 process controller. This user-friendly device guarantees that the dispensing process chamber stays within a mere 0.1 C deviation from the set point temperature range of 0 to 200ºC. Whether you prefer manual or automated applications utilizing syringes with air dispensers, valves, or other deposition equipment, the GC-880 is perfect for all your needs. Say goodbye to material degradation and inconsistent deposit sizes caused by viscosity fluctuations – trust the reliability of the GC-880 to protect your processes at all times.

Features and benefits

  • Compact Controls streamline the process, eliminating the necessity for machine enclosures and replacing bulky environmental control systems that consume valuable floor space.
  • The GC-880 stands out for its affordability, with operating costs that amount to mere pennies per day, unlike the hefty expenses associated with large machine enclosures and thermal facility controls. Moreover, it ensures rapid attainment of localized temperatures within minutes, eliminating the need for waiting hours.
  • Simple to install, adjust, and utilize. Simple to incorporate into automated, handheld, benchtop, and cartridge dispensing systems. A specialized range of static-dissipative enclosures is offered.


Controlling method
Microcomputer controlling
Dispensing time
0.001 ~ 99.99s ±0.1%
Adjustable fluid pressure
0 ~ 120psi
Temperature control circuit
PID control method
Temperature sensor
Platinum resistance temperature measurement
Temperature setting range
0~200℃ (±1℃)
Power supply
AC220 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
135W (peak)
L339 x W229 x H83

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