GC-850V – High precision Valve Controller

Features and benefits

  • Suitable to control all kinds of pneumatic valves, such as diaphragm valves, firing pin valve
  • Piston valve, Spray valve, Screw valve & encoder motor screw valve;
  • Dispenser controller timer and pressure are all digital display, and can be exactly regulated;
  • Diversification dispensing mode, as timing, moving, teaching, and interrupting these four dispensing modes;
  • It can store 10 dispensing programs which can flexibly respond to the change of different points dispensing quantity;
  • RS232 port and foot switch to trigger & control to achieve automatic dispensing
  • With adjusting the low-pressure alarm function;
  • Function Warranty: 2 years.


Model GC-850V
Dimensions L254 x W191 x H102 mm
Cycles 900 cycles/min
Timing range 0.008 ~ 60.000s
Repeatability 0.001%
Air input Max. 100psi (6.9bar)
Air output 1 ~ 100psi (0.7 ~ 6.9bar)

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