GAP-6500 Auger Screw Valve for High density Adhesive

GAP-6500 Auger Screw Valve for High-density Adhesive utilizes positive displacement instead of rotary feed screw enabling precise control of the dispensing process, ensuring a constant supply of materials at the screw entrance. Controlled rotation moves the materials from entrance to exit, with forward and reverse rotation functions regulating the output quantity.


  • Solder paste
  • Surface-mount adhesive
  • Chip adhesive
  • EMI Shielding Gasket
  • Electrically Conductive Adhesive

Features and benefits

  • Accurate & constant glue size
  • With motor reverse function
  • Valve core components can be replaced online
  • Dispensing speed can be adjusted
  • Closed-loop motor control and encoder feedback


Weight: 331g
Fluid Inlet Port: Luer lock female
Fluid Outlet Port: Luer lock male
Input Voltage Range: 5 – 24VDC
Flow Rate: 0.24 – 2.42 ml/min
Max Fluid Pressure: 30 psi (2.07bar)
Operating Frequency: 300+ cycles/min.
Mounting Port: 1”/25.4 mm channel
Viscosity Range: 30K – 1300K cps
Wetted Parts: Delrin®, Viton®, Nylon®

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