Gantry Robot integrated FIP Gasket Dispensing System

There are some case using FIP Gasket will involve the Gantry Robot System:

  • Large workpieces – in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, new energy (battery), the workpieces are usually heavy-duty with huge dimension, when handling such parts, it is essential to use specially designed Gantry Robot.
  • Totally Automated Conveyer integrated System – Gantry Robots are usually integrated into inline production line where conveyors are used. This combination helps to increase productivity, eliminate wasting time and cost.

Additionally, in some applications where dispensing areas are small and limited, the high-precision is important. As a result, many manufacturers involve using smart vision system.

However, to build up a perfect FIP Dispensing System using Gantry Robot, a high-precision dispensing valve and controller are indispensable.


Standard Gantry Robot
GSR Series
Vision integrated Gantry Robot
GVR Series
Dispensing Valve

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