Flood LED UV Lamp with curing area of 20 x 20 mm.

FUV-40 was developed for all applications requiring a compact flood unit with high intensities (3000 ~ 3500 mW/cm²). The LED assembly, as well as a touch-screen power control, guarantee a highly intensive and homogenous distribution of light. One controller can handle 4 individual FUV-40 Flood Lamp.

The typical service life of a LED is more than 20,000 hrs. The FUV-40 can be switched on and off as often as necessary. It does not require a warm-up or cooling phase.

Features and benefits

  • Small curing area: 20 x 20 mm
  • Excellent uniformity and high intensity
  • Available in 365 nm or 385/395/405 nm options wavelengths on Touch Screen Interface
  • 4-Channel Controllers
  • Can be used as a bench-top cure system or incorporated into an automated process or conveyor


Curing Area
20 x 20 mm
0.5 kg
Black Aluminum
Cooling Method
Fan Cooling System
< 40W
Curing Height
365nm or 385/395/405nm options
1500/1700 mW/cm² (Optional)
Connect Cable
2m/ 5m (Customizable)
LED life
20,000 hrs

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