ESR-200 – Desktop Dispensing Robot

ESR-200 is the smallest size of Economical Series, which is suitable for laboratory applications or dispensing on small objects.

As per its name, ESR series helps manufacturers cost down significantly, cut down labor cost as well as initial investment for automation. Despite its economic, ESR still provides high precision and effective operation for many dispensing applications in various industries.

Features and benefits

  • The smallest working area robot
  • Step & Repeat function – Program one object for multiple identical objects
  • Dispensing area 200x200x100mm. It is an economically priced benchtop robot
  • USB port allows for data transfer between PC
  • Continuous path motion for accurate XYZ movement
  • Optional SRE software (PC programming)


Working Area X/Y/Z (mm)
200 / 200 / 50
Load Worktable Y-Axis / Z-Axis
3 kg / 2 kg
Maximum Speed XY / Z (mm/sec)
0.1 ~ 500 / 200
+/- 0.02 mm / Axis
Data Memory Capacity
256 programs with 4000 points / program
Drive System / Stepping Motor
Micro stepping motor
Motion Control
Teaching Method
Teach pendant
Power Supply
100 ~ 230 VAC , 200 W
Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
350 x 334 x 445
Robot Weight
18 kg

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