ES3400 Epoxy Encapsulant for Electronics Devices

ES3400 is a one-component epoxy adhesive for the application of electronic devices. This product develops tough, strong, structure which offers excellent shear, peel and impact strength. This product can be applied to electronic devices encapsulation. The durability of this product is very high levels, and it can pass many environmental test experiments.

Features and benefits

  • This product is solvent-free, non-volatile, system.
  • Cured product demonstrates excellent protection and for electronic devices.
  • This product exhibits excellent dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.
  • This product offers excellent retention of electrical insulation properties under high humidity conditions.
  • Cured product offers outstanding resistance to water in gaseous state and liquid state.
  • The retained adhesion strength of this product after environmental test experiments is still high.
  • This product complies to the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.
  • This resin complies to chlorine < 900ppm, bromine < 900ppm, chlorine + bromine < 1500ppm.



Properties ES3400
Appearance Liquid
Color Black
Viscosity @25°C, cps 45,000 ~ 85,000 @S14, 10 rpm


Properties ES3400
Pot Life, 25°C, day 7
Cured Time 120°C, min 40


Properties ES3400
Glass Transition Temp., (DSC), °C 130
CTE (*2) (<Tg), μm/m/°C 50
CTE (*2) (>Tg), μm/m/°C 160
Specific Heat 00C, J/g0C 4.76
Specific Heat 250C, J/g0C 4.87
Specific Heat 500C, J/g0C 5.03
Specific Heat 750C, J/g0C 5.27
Specific Heat 1000C, J/g0C 5.42
Durometer Hardness, Shore D 89
Specific Gravity 1.48
Water Absorption Ratio (25°C/24hr), % 0.59
Water Absorption Ratio (80°C/24hr), % 2.06
Water Absorption Ratio (97°C/1.5hr), % 0.84
Degradation Temp (TGA 100C / min), 0C 317
Weight Loss Ratio @100°C, % 0.17
Weight Loss Ratio @150°C, % 0.33
Weight Loss Ratio @200°C, % 0.47
Weight Loss Ratio @250°C, % 0.83
Weight Loss Ratio @300°C, % 2.99
Weight Loss Ratio @350°C, % 13.50

Technical Documents

ES3400 Technical Data Sheet

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