DV D3100 Diaphragm Dispensing Valve

DV D3100 is a diaphragm valve designed for precise flow control of low to medium viscosity materials such as anaerobics, cyanoacrylates or UV lacquers and much more.

DV D3100 with an internal spring return makes it fully adaptable for use with our time/ pressure controllers. The design of short opening stroke also make operation more easier and increase percision of dispensing.

Specially, the wetting part which directly contact with dispensing chemicals, have various options of material so that manufacturers could choose the most suitable one for their dispensing liquid (including: Teflon, PEEK or Acetal).

Features and benefits

  • Economical, Precision dispense, easily operate.
  • D3100, Diaphragm Needle Valve is a kind of pneumatic valve.
  • D3100 dispenses material which has viscosity of 10,000 cps or less.
  • Because the Part which expose in liquid consists of inert materials (UPE), it can be used to instant glue, electrolyte, UV glue, silicon oil, flux oil, solvent, paint, and so on. Low viscosity materials.


DV D3100
Operating Air Pressure
4.0 ~ 6.0 kgf / cm² (usually 4.5 kgf / cm²)
Material Delivery Pressure
Max 5.0 kgf / cm²
Maximum Number of Cycle
500 cylces or more / min
Flux (KV value)
0.3 ℓ /min
Material of Driving Part
Body: AL (Hard coated, Black); Piston: SUS303; Piston Seal: NBR
Material of Valve Head
Liquid Contacting Part
(Option: Teflon, PEEK, Acetal) Diaphragm: UHMW-PE
Material of Connecting Part
Air in port: ø4 urethane hose; Material of inner port: PT1/8; Material of outer port: Luer lock
76 g

Technical Documents