DV A2100 – Precision Auger Dispensing Valve

DV A2120 auger dispensing valve is designed to make precise, repeatable deposits of thermal interface materials, solder paste and other medium to high viscosity materials. Using screw feed principles combined with precision time and pressure controls, the A2120 ensures consistent deposits while eleminating damage to particle-filled fluids. This auger valve is used in conjunction with the DC A2000 controller series to bring the most powerful system for dispensing applications.

Features and benefits

  • With the driving part, it can be directly used with the dispensing machine, which makes the machine more direct variable speed control.
  • Convenient disassembly and assembly of shaft and shaft sleeve, greatly reducing idle time due to cleaning materials. With reverse suction function to reduce wire drawing.
  • Optional 8P or 16P, CARBIDE tungsten carbide, hardened stainless steel screw or bushing.
  • Can effectiely reduce the problem of broken glue due to air bubbles.
  • When using high-viscosity rubber material, it has a larger amount of glue than air pressure.
  • The amount of glue produced is less likely to be affected when the viscosity of the glue material changes.
  • Dead volume in the valve has been reduced to a minimum, the glue output is accurate.
  • Applicable dispensing materials: SMA red glue, solder paste with particles or abrasive materials, silver glue, EPOXY and TWO PARTS EPOXY, UV glue.