CUV-2145M – Mercury UV Lamp Integrated Conveyor UV Curing System

CUV-2145M is specially designed for UV curing of coatings such as conformal paint. With 2 sources of Mercury UV Lamp, both sides of the product can be cured completely.

This UV curing device is composed of several parts: rack carrier, conveying system, UV curing, electric box and control system.

Features and benefits

  • 2 sources of Mercury UV Lamp to cure both sides of PCBs
  • Easy to control with PLC + touch screen and button & real time display system operating conditions
  • Consistent UV curing
  • Complete UV shielding


1300mm*1100mm*1540mm (including casters, excluding three colors light)
Control method
PLC+touch screen control
Product height
PCB width
Maximum width 750mm
Delivery method
Customized hard and hard aluminum alloy track + stainless steel chain
Track length
1300mm (the inlet and outlet extend 15mm each)
Shipping speed
Adjusts 0.5-5M/min
Transmission direction
Plug-in spacing adjustment method
Manual adjustment
UV light source power
UV light source type
Mercury lamp, wavelength: 200-400nm; main peak: 350~400nm; power: steplessly adjustable from 20%~100%
Lamp replacement cycle
PCB board size
PCB board components over-board height
Equipment net weight
Power supply
AC380V 50Hz three-phase five-wire system
Total power

Technical Documents

Technical Data Sheet

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