CUV-1800M – Mercury UV Lamp Integrated Conveyor UV Curing System

CUV-1800M is a conveyor UV curing system which is specially designed with 2 sources of Mercury UV Lamp. GLUDITEC conveyor systems offer consistent, fast and safe cures of UV and LED curable adhesives, coatings, and inks. These conveyors consist of a moving belt that passes through a chamber area with curing lamps mounted above and/or on each side for fast component curing.

CUV-1800M is integrated with Mercury UV Lamp with a broad band spectral distribution and ability to shift the spectral output to different regions of the UV spectrum. Thanks to this
benefits of GLUDITEC Mercury Lamp, it is easier to cure the thick UV product layer and make CUV-1800M compatible with various applications.

Light curing conveyor systems offer consistent line transport speed, adjustable lamp height, and stable lamp intensity to provide light curing for repeatable processing and optimize throughput. These UV cure ovens also eliminate stray light, while utilizing some of the highest intensity curing on the market.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to control with PLC + touch sceen and button & real time display system operating conditions
  • 2 set of Mercury Light Source make it more powerful to handle curing task
  • Consistent UV curing
  • Complete UV shielding
  • Line speed can be adjusted in the range of 0.5 – 3.8 m/min
  • Belt sizes 460mm
  • Integral cooling and ventilating system
  • Adjustable lamp-to-belt distance


Dimension (L x H x W)
1800 x 1050 x 1540 mm
Control Method
PLC + Touch Screen Control
Chamber height
900 ± 20 mm
Delivery Method
Customized aluminum alloy track + stainless steel chain
Track length
1830 mm (the inlet and outlet extend is 15mm length for each)
Track load
Stainless steel wear strip support 5 kg/m which evenly distributed
Shipping Speech
0.5 ~ 3.8 m/min (adjustable)
Transmission motor power
AC220V 120W
Max. conveyor width
460 mm
Plug-in spacing adjustment method
Number of UV light source
2 pcs
UV light source power
5.6 kW/pcs
UV light source lamp type
Mercury lamp
Wavelength Range
200 ~ 400 nm
Standard wavelength
365 nm
Steplessly adjustable
Lamp replacement cycle
800 hrs
Equipment ventilation
Two ø150mm air outlet
Exhaust volume requirements
1500 cubic meters/hr
Max. workpiece dimension (W x L x H)
450 x 450 x 100 mm
Net weight
515 kg
Power Supply
AC380V 50Hz three-phase five-wire system
Total Power
12.5 kW

Technical Documents

CUV-1800M - Technical Data Sheet

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