CUV-1000 – UV Curing Tunnel System

CUV-1000 UV curing tunnel system is designed to offer consistent, fast, and safe curing. Equipped with a customizable width belt, this system is ideal for curing light-curable materials on larger parts, or larger quantities of smaller parts. It can be outfitted with either 365nm, 385nm, 395nm or 405nm wavelength and deliver up to 10,000 mW/cm² intensity.

Designed to help manufacturers build a more reliable cure process, our CUV-1000 allows users to easily control various curing parameters through a touch-screen control panel. This feature gives users greater curing flexibility and enables them to tailor the curing conditions to their specific application. The systems tightly controlled belt speed and minimal bulb repeatable curing profiles and a more reliable process with less risk of variance.

Features and benefits

  • Consistent UV curing
  • Complete UV shielding
  • Touch screen control panel
  • 4 inch to 24 inch adjustable lamp to belt height
  • Integral cooling system & Upper Exhaust System
  • Belt Speed: 0 to 5 m/min
  • 50 ~ 10,000 mW/cm²


UV Intensity
50 ~ 10,000 mW/cm²
0 ~ 5 m/min
Power Supply
220VAC 50/60Hz
UV Uniform
Exhaust System
Upper Exhaust System
High-quality steel + aluminum alloy
Programming Interface
Provides a programming interface for MES system integrated data collection
Lamp Height
Teflon/Stainless steel
Power Detection Alarm
Inline UV meter can be installed (adopt)
365- 450nm
Curing Area

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