COVEN FP4003 Cooling fluid – 3M FLUORINERT FC-40 replacement

The COVEN FP4003 fluorinated liquid boasts exceptional heat transfer capabilities, effective insulation properties, outstanding environmental friendliness, and strong compatibility with various materials. It is widely employed in the semiconductor industry for tasks such as dry etching, wafer testing, and packaging testing as a liquid cooling medium. Additionally, it finds extensive application in engineering tasks like leak detection, thermal shock testing, insulation testing, and high-temperature aging tests. Furthermore, its high voltage impact resistance makes it suitable for use as a working medium in cooling EMU traction transformers.

Features and benefits

  • High insulation and good thermal stability
  • Low surface tension
  • Immiscible with water to avoid damaging the component Good material compatibility
  • Low environmental impact, zero ODP
  • Non-flammable


  • Can be used for semiconductor dry etching, wafer testing, packaging, and other heat transfer cooling working medium.
  • Can be used for EMU traction transformer cooling working medium.



Properties FP4003
Boiling point 155 – 1650C
Freezing point -800C
Flash point None
Liquid density, 250C 1.82 g/ml
Dielectric loss (10 MHz) 0.00418
Refractive index 1.308
Kinetic viscosity, 250C 0.8 cps
Thermal conductivity, 250C 0.0989 W/mK
Dielectric strength (25mm) > 50 kV
Dielectric constant

( 1 MHz)

4.75 @1MHz
Volume resistivity > 1.579 x 10^10 Ohm-cm
Specific heat 1.151 J/gK
Surface tension 17.5 dynes/cm

Technical Documents

COVEN FP4003 Technical Data Sheet

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