COVEN 7200 Electronics Fluoride Fluid – 3M NOVEC 7200 Replacement

COVEN 7200 fluoride fluid is a clear, colorless, and low-odor fluid intended to replace ozone-depleting substances (ODSs), compounds with high global warming potential (GWP), and chlorinated materials in many applications. It has a higher boiling point than most CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs, reducing evaporative losses. The low surface tension, low viscosity, and strong wettability make it ideal for use in vapor degreasing, electronic displays, anti-fingerprint coating solvents, cosmetic wetting agents, and cold cleaning. In addition, it has excellent heat transfer ability, good insulation performance, superior environmental performance, and high compatibility with a variety of materials making it ideal for use in liquid cooling working medium components in semiconductor manufacturing processes, such as semiconductor dry etching, wafer testing, and packaging testing. Its chemical and thermal stability, nonflammability, and low toxicity make it useful for other industrial applications such as specialty solvent and heat transfer applications.

#3M NOVEC 7200 Replacement

Features and benefits

  • Features: colorless, faint odor, safe and no flash point, insoluble in water, good thermal stability, low surface tension, and excellent material compatibility.
  • Advantages: environmentally friendly and clean, safe to use, good insulation performance, no damage to electronic precision equipment, no damage to electronic components and circuits, and it has a certain solubilization capacity for flux and oil



Items Technical
Appearance Colorless, Transparent
Molecular Mass 264
Boiling Point(1 atm) 76ºC
Flash Point No
Vapor Pressure(25ºC) 14.50 kPa
Thermal Conductivity (25ºC) 0.0631 W∙m-1∙K-1
KB 3.57
Dielectric Constant  (1 MHz) 9.63
Dielectric Strength  (2.5 mm) ≥29.9 kV
Surface Tension (25ºC) 14.12 mN·m-1
GWP 55
Odor Faint odour
Liquid Density (25 ºC) 1.432 g·mL-1
Freezing point (1 atm) -138ºC
Autoignition Temperature 375ºC
Latent heat of vaporization 125.6 kJ·kg-1
Kinematic Viscosity  (25ºC) 0.4832 mm2·s-1
Dielectric Loss (1 MHz) 0.00063
Volume Resistivity (25ºC) 2.991×10^10 Ω·mm

Technical Documents

COVEN 7200 Technical Data Sheet

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