COVEN 649 Heat Transfer Fluids – 3M NOVEC 649 Replacement

Coven 649 belongs to the ketone fluoride group of compounds and is a clear, colorless, tasteless liquid. Typical applications include computer rooms, data centers, aviation, ships, vehicles, libraries, oil and gas production, etc. Its high safety, low environmental impact, and superior fire extinguishing performance make it an alternative to chemical halon fire extinguishing agents that provide a long-term viable, environmentally sustainable technology for special hazard fire prevention.

#3M NOVEC 649 Replacement

Features and benefits

  • Features: colorless, odorless, good solubility, insoluble in water, good thermal stability, ODP value is zero, no damage to the ozone layer, low greenhouse effect value, low surface tension, small viscosity, small latent heat of evaporation, excellent material compatibility and fire performance, high safety.
  • Advantages: Excellent environmental protection performance: the most stringent international environmental regulations; High fire-extinguishing efficiency: minimum extinguishing concentration: 3.5% for Type A fire, 4.5% for Type B fire, safe to use the extinguishing concentration is much lower than (NOVAL); Good electrical insulation: dielectric strength up to (3mm) 74.6 kV and has passed the electrical insulation performance test of 110 kV; Good cooling performance: unique cooling effect after discharge; No residue after use: volatilizes quickly after use, which will not cause damage to precision instruments, antique calligraphy and painting.



Appearance Colorless, Transparent Odor Odorless
Molecular mass 316.0 Liquid Density (25oC ) 1.601 g·mLˉˉ¹
Boiling Point (1 atm) 49.2ºC Freezing Point -108 ºC
Flash Point No Ignition Point No
Critical temperature 168.7ºC Critical pressure 1865 kPa
Critical density 0.6391 g·mLˉˉ¹ Insulating property (110 kV) 3.8 mA
Vapor Pressure (25 ºC) 44.4 kPa Latent Heat of Vaporization 84.55 kJ·kgˉˉ¹


  • Widely used all over the regional or local fire extinguishing system and portable fire extinguisher, especially applicable to electronic control centers, computer rooms, transformer rooms, power distribution cabinets, wind power equipment rooms, energy storage power stations, high precision instrument, museums, data processing center, ship control rooms, new energy vehicle lithium battery protection and other occasions of fire protection.
  • It can be used as a coolant for electronic equipment and protection gas for light metal smelting. It can also be used to replace sulfur hexafluoride for transformer protection.

Technical Documents

COVEN 649 Technical Data Sheet

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