Conformal Coating Thickness Measuring Equipment – Elcometer 456

The Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge is a specialized tool tailored for precise conformal coating thickness measurement applications. Engineered with advanced technology, it offers technical precision and efficiency crucial for compliance and quality assurance in coating processes.

Features and benefits

  • Fast and Accurate Measurements: Leveraging advanced measurement technology, the Elcometer 456 ensures rapid and accurate readings, meeting stringent conformal coating thickness requirements. Its ±1% accuracy aligns with National & International Standards, guaranteeing reliable results across various substrates and coating types.
  • Enhanced Measurement Rate: Capable of providing over 70 dry film thickness readings per minute (or 140+ per minute with a scan probe), the Elcometer 456 significantly accelerates measurement processes without compromising accuracy. This feature optimizes workflow efficiency, especially in high-throughput production environments.
  • Versatile Measurement Capability: The gauge accommodates a wide range of conformal coating thickness requirements, capable of measuring coatings up to 31mm (1,220 mils) on metal substrates. Its versatility extends to various surface textures and geometries, ensuring precise measurements on smooth, rough, thin, or curved surfaces.
  • Comprehensive Data Management: Equipped with a robust memory, the Elcometer 456 stores up to 150,000 readings in 2,500 batches, facilitating extensive data collection for comprehensive analysis. Its USB and Bluetooth® data output options enable seamless connectivity with ElcoMaster® Data Management Software, facilitating efficient data transfer and reporting.


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