BF-300 – 300ml Metal Barrel Loader

BF-300 manual barrel loaders will fill a barrel directly from a 300ml cartridge. It is connected to an air regulator and set to a pressure suitable for the materials, which is not exceeding 87 psi (6 bar). Then, a manual switch on the base actuates the air supply and pressurizes the cartridge to fill the syringe barrel.

Moreover, the barrel fillers’ internal air relief valve allows for decompression when the trigger is released. The system can be used for timed filling when connected to an automatic controller.

Features and benefits

  • 300ml barrel loader
  • Suitable air pressure with air regulator
  • Internal air relief
  • Timed filling with an automatic controller



Item Number

650115 1/4” NPT Elbow
8501145 Syringe Filling Adapter
650017 Luer Lock Cap
650456 1/4” NPT Polyethylene Female Cartridge Adapter
651129 1/4” NPT x 5/8-11 UNC White Acetal Cartridge Adapter
651237 1/4” NPT x 13/16-14 UNC Black Acetal Cartridge Adapter