UBL-3000 – Automated Underfill System with Inline Curing Oven

When using epoxy for underfilling application in PCB Assembly process, an automated system which consists of conveyor, dispensing unit and oven curing unit is essential. Understand the demand of high-performance and cost-effective automated system for chip underfilling on board for EMS, UBL-3000 has been developed.

Features and benefits

  • High-precision dispensing for rectangle shape by adopting orthogonal 3 axis robot system with servo motor, ball screw and LM
  • Assure the accurate dispensing liquid amount and shape by adopting the dispensing output tool and controller
  • Multi output integrated onto the 3-axis robot help to maximize productivity
  • Conveyer with the width adjusting function, titling and upper location function options which easily controlled on touchscreen, makes it possible to meet flexible requirements in different projects in EMS Corp
  • Operating and system controlling on a touchscreen with user-friendly interface design
  • 3-step conveyer for applying buffer sector
  • In oven curing process, the rotational drying features excellent power consumption and utilizing the curing space


Robot stroke (X x Y x Z)
400 x 300 x 200 m, rectangular coordinates
Robot speed
500 mm/s
Conveyor speed
0 ~ 15 m/min
Conveyor belt
Flat belt type
Drive motor
40W, 1/30
Adjustable width
80 x 250 mm manual
4 ~ 5 kg/cm²
200 (330) VAC, 50/60Hz

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