aSRW-500 Manual Screwing Driver with Automatic Feeder

The GLUDITEC aSRW-500 Manual Screwing Driver with Automatic Feeder redefines manual screwing with its turbine feeding, compact design, and intelligent features. Weighing lightly and storing conveniently on workbenches, saves space while ensuring a quiet operation. Its automatic screw arrangement, torque detection control, and sliding teeth technology prevent jams and enhance precision. With stability and easy troubleshooting, even non-professionals can quickly resolve issues. This GLUDITEC product offers a seamless and efficient manual screwing experience, making it an essential tool for professionals prioritizing precision, reliability, and workspace optimization. Upgrade your workflow with the aSRW-500 for unparalleled performance.

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Features and benefits

  • Turbine Feeding
  • Automatic Screw Arrangement
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Torque Detection Control
  • Sliding Teeth Technology
  • Stability and Easy Troubleshooting


Controller Dimensions (W x L x H)
420 x 235 x 285 mm
Controller Weight
Operating Voltage
Input Voltage
Input Air
0.5 ~ 0.6MPa
Screw Nail Feeding Speed
0.6 ~ 1s/unit
Screwing Speed
0.7 ~ 1s/unit
Screw Capacity
Approx. 2000 (varies depending on screw size)
Screwing Method
Turbine automatic feeding
Feeding Method
Pneumatic feeding system
Batch Type
Brushless high-speed self-controlled electric batch
Alarm Mode
Reactive sound and light alarm
Slippery Tooth Detection
Standard configuration
Signaling System
Comes with its own configuration
Feeding Distance
1 ~ 3m
Control System
Motor Type
Gear motor
Control System
Motor Type
Gear motor

Technical Documents

aSRW-500 Technical Data Sheet

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