Agitator Agi V200

Agi V200 is a high-performance agitator to help material properly mixed so as to reach the optimal performance conditions when handled with pumping, proportioning, and spray guns. Agi V200 can be used for mixing a variety of different materials and containers. It ensures the mixing process to be controlled to eliminate paint shear, foaming, and unnecessary compressed air consumption.

Features and benefits

  • Flexibility in controlling blending speed by integrated inverter.
  • Lifting up and putting down automatically by the pressure air system.
  • Easy to move in the operating process.
  • Easy to control and manage with advanced function in the electric box.
  • No overload dangerous, pneumatic mixer load is too large, will not damage the mixer itself, the body temperature will not rise for a long time to be fully loaded with continuous work.
  • Can be stepless speed regulation, the speed of the motor through the supply of pressure, flow valve adjustment.


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