Underfill Adhesive

GLUDITEC introduces wafer & chip underfill products with suitable features & benefits to solve these challenges

  • Low Viscosity and High Fluidity: Enhance application efficiency with chip underfill adhesive featuring low viscosity and high fluidity, enabling easy operation during dispensing and filling processes.
  • Non-Greasy, Low Gloss Finish: Ensure a pristine appearance post-curing with chip underfill adhesive that yields a hardened product surface free from greasiness and excessive gloss, enhancing the visual appeal of electronic components.
  • Repeated Flexibility and Fatigue Resistance: Ensure long-lasting performance with chip underfill adhesive offering a high degree of repeated flexibility and fatigue resistance, effectively preventing cracking and ensuring the durability of electronic assemblies.
  • Exceptional Flexibility with Low Stress: Safeguard electronic components from excessive stress and potential damage with chip underfill adhesive characterized by excellent flexibility, providing optimal protection during thermal cycling and mechanical stress.
  • Quick Curing for Enhanced Efficiency: Maximize production efficiency with chip underfill adhesive that offers rapid curing capabilities, allowing for quick turnaround times and increased capacity utilization in manufacturing processes.
  • Reworkability and Repairability: Facilitate ease of maintenance and repair with chip underfill adhesive that can be reworked without causing damage to pads. Effortlessly remove residual glue for seamless reapplication, enabling efficient repair processes and minimizing downtime.

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