Two-part Progressive Cavity Pump

Continuous volumetric dispensing independent of fluid viscosity or changes in viscosity over time gives you reliable, repeatable process control.

GDP Series is a two-component dispensing pump that is assembled by two mono dispensing valve modules, both one-component progressive cavity pumps can adjust the rotation speed of the motor separately, to extrude the high-precision glue. GDP also has strong interchangeability which can be applied to different proportions of applications.

Its modular design is based on the progressive cavity principle where its core components – a rotor and stator – form a perfectly sealed metering chamber.


  • High-precision mixing method for right proportions. The constant positive displacement pump with an eccentric spiral structure can realize double-liquid extrusion with high efficiency.
  • A perfectly sealed metering chamber provides excellent deposit volume assurance for improved process control with minimal fluid waste
  • The versatility to continuously dispense any fluid viscosity with low pulsation and shear allows for use in a wide range of applications
  • The suck-back feature provides a clean cut-off for more accurate dispensing without dripping or drooling
  • Modular design allows for easy disassembly and cleaning that reduces production downtime required for maintenance

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