Competent, qualified partner for the construction of customized metering and mixing systems

Our 2K standalone series provides a budget-friendly, reliable entry-level solution for simple dispensing & potting tasks. In addition to its economics, the design of this series fits with various manufacturing site layout even the most limited area factory.

With experience in dispensing and automating industry, GLUDITEC acknowledge that there are highly specialized processes or new built-up process that cannot always be integrated with existing production concepts. Individual solutions are often required. This is the main reason why our Standalone 2K Dispensing Series is invented.

Furthermore, GLUDITEC always tries our best to provide solutions which are precisely matched to the application. Planning, design and construction of the automated metering and mixing system is carried out in close cooperation. Because only a plant  which is precisely matched to the requirements ensures smooth production and contributes to the success of the business.

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