Polyurethane Conformal Coating

A transparent, solvent-based polyurethane coating with low viscosity is used to insulate and waterproof electrical equipment.

This elastomeric coating is a single-component product that provides excellent insulation on PC boards by allowing clear visibility of the circuit paths underneath.

GLUDITEC Polyurethane Conformal Coating is specially formulated to safeguard printed circuit boards by providing insulation and protection. It shields against corrosive or damp inorganic acid fumes, reducing the risk of electrical leaks or short circuits. With a high tolerance for temperatures, it can endure continuous heat up to 100°C and occasional surges up to 150°C. This versatile coating serves as an additional layer of insulation on coils, transformers, motor windings, terminals, bus bars, commutator ends, stator coils, and PC boards.


  • A user-friendly aerosol product with a single component for easy application
  • Offers strong resistance to water moisture vapor
  • Provides exceptional flexibility and corrosion protection
  • Guards against thermal shock and can be applied via dipping or spraying methods
  • Boasts heat resistance and outstanding insulating properties

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